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The Sustainability Yearbook 2021

Tackling parity, plastics and petroleum - reflecting on values, anticipating risks and identifying opportunities

Message from Douglas Peterson, President & CEO of S&P Global

Dear Stakeholder,

In a world of extreme uncertainty, people are searching for clarity. Clarity to make business and investment decisions. Clarity to move their organizations forward with confidence. Last year, more companies than ever took part in our Corporate Sustainability Assessment. A record amount of corporate ESG data derived from this preeminent evaluation offers shareholders, executives and anyone who wants independent insights the transparency to make better-informed choices.

This new level of disclosure is testimony to one of the silver linings of 2020. The convergence of the COVID-19 pandemic, increased consciousness of race, diversity and inclusion in our communities, and the devastation created by extreme weather and climate change have cemented the theme of sustainability as the business community’s No. 1 priority.

As we begin 2021, the commitment of the new U.S. administration to put climate policy at the forefront of its domestic and international agendas promises to reinforce and accelerate this trend, with implications for the growth in carbon markets and innovation in the broader energy transition.

This Yearbook is once again filled with revealing data and stories. Articles about rethinking how to assign value across investments, companies and economies; plastics packaging; gender equality in the workforce; the electrification of transportation; and using ESG as a tool for effective risk management are worthy of your time.

In a year when so many other things were competing for people’s attention, I want to express S&P Global’s gratitude to each of the companies that participated in the CSA in 2020. Contributing to the CSA last year demonstrated a great deal of commitment to transparency and to building more sustainable economies and communities during a difficult time.

I also want to thank every one of our team members who is responsible for collecting and analyzing the CSA submissions. It’s been one year since we acquired the ESG ratings business from the asset manager Robeco. We’re proud of the team’s integration and we’re pleased at how essential the CSA has become to the ESG work we’re doing at our company.

Looking ahead, I am as hopeful as ever about the positive contributions businesses will make to society. Increasing levels of engagement in the CSA create the essential intelligence to power the markets of the future and to accelerate progress in our world.


Douglas L. Peterson
President and CEO
S&P Global

2021 Annual Corporate Sustainability Assessment