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Innovative Fixed Income Solutions

Find out how technology transformation can help buyside and sell-side firms execute transactions with seamless connectivity and powerful tools available.

Fixed Income Issuance: Managing Deal Execution for the Fixed Income Primary Bond Market

As the fixed income markets continue to develop from voice driven communications and manual operational processes to more streamlined, interoperable platforms, our fixed income solutions are driving the electronification and automation of the marketplace. We are committed to providing the fixed income market with open and interoperable solutions that increase efficiency and reduce operational risk, allowing deals to execute faster than ever before.

Our Solutions Transform Your Fixed Income Issuance


Centralized primary global fixed income issuance network shares electronic deal and order information in real time.


Shared, consolidated orderbook with reconciliation enables banks to price deals quickly, efficiently, and electronically in real-time. Even the largest deals are built and priced the same day.

Risk Reduction

Automated bookbuild process and easier reconciliation reduces errors and faster execution means less exposure to market movements.


Digitized workflow is easy to capture, track, and share; and provides a detailed audit trail helping banks to comply more easily with increasing regulatory demands.

Regulation and Compliance

Workflow to handle new regulations e.g. MiFID II and detailed audit trails allow banks to comply more easily with increasing regulatory demands.


Integrated - API connectivity, open interoperability allows banks and investors to connect to other systems e.g. CRM for investor data or trade processing systems.

Fixed Income Solutions and Tools


A unique network of member banks linked by web-based technology that synchronizes deal and order book information between syndicate desks.


Our deal terms communication tool ensures that banks and all other parties involved can work together in real time to set up deals and communicate the terms to sales, other banks, and investors in an organized, compliant format.

Japanese Dashboard 2.0

Centralized, auditable platform for Japanese retention transactions, enabling smooth execution of deal communication. Japanese version.

InvestorAccess / Buyside Services

Communication of orders between buyside portfolio managers and traders directly via their OMS provider.


A web portal for buyside investors to view, interact, order, and receive allocations with new issues available in the market.

Primary Indication Management (PIM)

Communication of orders between buyside portfolio managers and traders directly via DealMonitor.

DealServices API

Consume deal data internally.

FIX Connectivity

Order placement via FIX for OMS, EMS, & Proprietary Built Systems.

ComplianceWorkstation / Audit Feed

Monitoring of primary fixed income market activity conducted by traders and portfolio managers.

Fixed Income Solutions

iBoxx™ Bond & Loan Indices

Driving liquidity and transparency in the fixed income universe, iBoxx indices offer broad benchmarking and liquid tradable index solutions that track the global bond market, covering major and minor currencies in all key bond segments.

thinkFolio: Fixed Income Modeling

thinkFolio from S&P Global is a cross-asset-class order management (OMS) and portfolio modeling system (PMS) with fixed-income investing at its core. The extensible platform enables fund managers to slice and dice portfolios according to any criteria, including credit quality, duration, sector and geographic overlays.

Performance Attribution: thinkFolio & CloudAttribution

Delivering cloud-native performance attribution for fixed income and multi-asset portfolios through the thinkFolio decision support suite. Our thinkFolio investment management platform is integrated with CloudAttribution’s best-in-class performance attribution capabilities. The integration brings together thinkFolio's multi-asset decision support suite and CloudAttribution's cloud-native, flexible attribution models, technology and reporting for fixed income and multi-asset portfolio management.


Manage and streamline entire fixed income new issue processes. IssueBook is an all-in-one solution for banks. It simplifies workflows, and allows easy management of multiple and concurrent deals, while making communication and connection between all permissioned internal participants in the new issue process secure and smooth.

Fixed Income in 15 Podcast

S&P DJI Fixed Income Indices

More assets are invested in products based on our combined asset class-based indices than any other provider in the world. Covering a wide range of asset classes and themes across the globe, S&P DJI continues to define the way investors measure and trade the markets.

With S&P DJI, investors gain access to a robust ecosystem of fixed income indices from a global leader in indexing intelligence. Whether launching an ETF, managing portfolios against a customized benchmark or analyzing complex risks, clients can leverage S&P DJI fixed income indices to meet their needs.

Explore Our Full Suite of Fixed Income Indices

Composite / Global Bonds

Composite / Global Bonds

These indices encompass our global and regional fixed income index offerings, including our S&P Aggregate™ Bond Indices.

Treasury / Sovereign / Quasi-Government

Treasury / Sovereign / Quasi-Government

These indices are designed to track the performance of debt issued by the U.S. government, government-sponsored agencies, quasi-government agencies, and international developed market governments.

Inflation-Linked Bonds

Inflation-Linked Bonds

Our inflation-linked indices are designed to track the performance of local currency-denominated inflation-linked securities publicly issued by countries for their domestic markets. These indices include broad, comprehensive developed market indices and indices specific to individual countries.

U.S. Municipal Bonds

U.S. Municipal Bonds

Our U.S. municipal bond indices are designed to track the performance of bonds issued by state, country, and local governments, as well as their respective agencies.

Money Market

Money Market

Our money market indices are designed to track the performance of securities publicly issued by North American, European, Asian, Pan Asian, Oceanian, and Latin American governments for their domestic markets.

Corporate Bonds

Corporate Bonds

These indices, which include the S&P 500 Bond Indices, are designed to track the performance of investment-grade and high-yield corporates globally and in developed markets including the U.S.



These indices focus on particular themes in the fixed income space, including bond futures and swaps, sustainability, factors, and real assets.



The S&P U.S. Mortgage-Backed Securities Indices cover U.S. dollar-denominated, fixed-rate and adjustable-rate/hybrid mortgage pass-through securities issued by Ginnie Mae (GNMA), Fannie Mae (FNMA), and Freddie Mac (FHLMC).

Preferred and Convertible

Preferred and Convertible

We track the most liquid U.S., Canadian, and international preferred stock markets, as well as convertible bonds, which are hybrid securities that have both debt and equity features.



Sukuk financial instruments comply with Shariah law. Our fixed income indices track them broadly and are segmented by maturity and rating.

Fixed Income Pricing

Our independent fixed income pricing service combines unmatched data breadth with advanced data technology. So whatever your fixed income investment strategy, we have your pricing covered.

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