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What We Offer


Credit Ratings are opinions about Risk

Credit Ratings foster the development and smooth functioning of capital markets by providing transparent information and insight to market participants.


Real-time energy market price assessments

Our benchmark prices have become commonplace as market participants use them to write contracts, monitor their commodity market(s) and achieve full transparency around transactions.


The gold standard of Indices

The gold standard in Indexing with indices covering a wide range of asset classes and themes across the globe, S&P Dow Jones Indices defines the way investors measure and trade the markets.


Sustainability assessments and solutions

Our sustainability benchmarks now include ESG fixed income indices, unlocking new insight into risk and opportunity.

Our Expert Solutions

Issuer Credit Ratings

An independent opinion of your organization's overall creditworthiness and financial strength can be used as an information tool for capital markets participants and your organization's counterparties - banks, clients, suppliers, joint-venture partners, brokers, government agencies, even landlords.

Hydrogen Price Assessments

First of its kind hydrogen price assessments platform with an independent, impartial evaluation of hydrogen as a fuel.

What happens when uncertainty is less uncertain?

Essential Intelligence® from S&P Global empowers you with the information and guidance to navigate potential risk. Because when you have the tools to do more than simply manage risk, there’s no opportunity you can’t seize.

Highlighted Ratings & Benchmarking Solutions

Placing risk and performance in a greater context is Essential Intelligence®.

Sustainability Benchmarks and Assessments

Incorporating ESG into your performance and risk assessment.


Make assessments, manage risk, and identify opportunities

Place risk and performance in a greater context with our ratings and benchmarks, which are the market-standard sources for measurement, evaluation and comparison.

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