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Essential intelligence to accelerate your sustainability journey

Our specialist teams are ready to help you successfully navigate the transition to a sustainable future.


Our essential sustainability intelligence has informed hundreds of research publications, supporting our academic partners with comprehensive data coverage, robust data linking and flexible data delivery.

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Commercial Banking

Our ESG specialists support you with essential sustainability intelligence to stress test climate-related risks, maximize green financing opportunities and respond to investor demand for increased ESG-focused origination activity.

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Pinpoint important considerations, inform innovation, and achieve best practice reporting standards in the transition to a low carbon, sustainable and equitable future with our comprehensive and in-depth sustainability intelligence.

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Our essential sustainability intelligence helps you to get ahead of the financial implications of climate change and identify sustainable value creation opportunities in underwriting and investment management.

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Investment Banking

Our essential sustainability intelligence helps you to pinpoint material impacts on the attractiveness of transactions and align your investment strategy with the transition to a low carbon, sustainable and equitable future.

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Investment Management

Our essential sustainability intelligence helps you to deeply integrate sustainability considerations in multi asset class portfolio decision making, identify long-term risk and return impacts, and maximize sustainable investing value.

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Private Equity

As ESG market opportunities accelerate and ESG risks intensify across industries, our ESG specialists are here to help you incorporate our essential sustainability intelligence into due diligence and risk management practices, as well as help you identify tomorrow's sustainable investment opportunities.

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Get the ESG data that you need.*

S&P Global ESG Scores use an advanced scoring methodology to provide an annual evaluation of environmental, social and governance practices.

* S&P Global Sustainable1 is removing ESG scores for all Russian companies on its public and product platforms. S&P Global Sustainable1 continues to review its position on this coverage and methodology for affected companies.

ESG Performance

Discover multiple layers of ESG data intelligence, built by investment practitioners to more precisely capture the ESG factors expected to have an impact on a company's growth, profitability, capital efficiency and risk exposure.

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Data Coverage

Our comprehensive coverage across global markets provides financial institutions, corporations and governments an unmatched level of clarity and confidence.

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Net Zero

Uncover risk scenarios, reveal transition pathways, and optimize your net zero opportunities with our unparalleled data and insight.

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TCFD Reporting

Our in-depth climate analytics and specialist support services inform every step of your TCFD reporting journey, from quantifying climate-related financial risks and opportunities to engaging with company stakeholders to turn metrics into action.

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Physical Climate Risk

Discover comprehensive data coverage and hyper-local insight on weather-related risks and trends across asset locations, investment portfolios and supply chains.

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Second Party Opinions

S&P Global has acquired the Shades of Green business from CICERO. Explore how we can help you navigate access to the public and private sustainable debt markets with solutions that deliver the rigor and transparency investors and lenders demand.

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Nature Positive

Access curated & comprehensive Nature & Biodiversity Risk data intelligence to efficiently assess company operations & investment portfolios.

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Carbon Markets

S&P Global brings transparency to nascent carbon markets, enabling both voluntary and compliance markets to grow with infrastructure, price assessments, benchmarks, data and insight.

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Energy Transition

Our robust analytics and long history of experience provide a map to the sustainable commodity markets of the future.

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Positive Impact

Identify value creation opportunities in the transition to a low carbon, sustainable and equitable future.

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Essential Sustainability Intelligence

We're here to help you accelerate your sustainability journey. Get connected with an ESG specialist who can advise you on your next steps.