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S&P Global ESG Scores use an advanced scoring methodology to provide an annual evaluation of environmental, social and governance practices.

S&P Global helps you take control of your ESG presence with practical, useful data and expert analysis. Our specialist teams are actively engaged with companies and investors worldwide, understanding and evaluating thousands of factors that drive successful environmental, social and governance practices. This insight gives you the power to determine, benchmark, and communicate ESG opportunities and risks to avoid pitfalls and accelerate progress.



S&P Global ESG Scores give financial institutions the transparency and flexibility to drill down into three underlying Environmental, Social and Governance & Economic Dimension Scores, with an average of 23 Criteria Scores.

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The S&P Global Corporate Sustainability Assessment (CSA) converts intangible aspects of your company's sustainability performance into tangible scores. Establish a baseline of your company’s ESG performance on a wide range of industry-specific economic, environmental and social criteria.

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Get insights into your firm’s sustainability performance through unique services leveraging ESG Benchmarking know-how to drive sustainability business practices.

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S&P Global Ratings

Evaluations & Second Opinions

Communicate your corporate purpose and commitment to stakeholders, connect more deeply with your customers and demonstrate long-term value creation strategies to your investors.

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S&P Global


Enhance your risk management with ESG insights built on rich data, advanced methodology and a clear outlook on factors affecting various sectors.

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S&P Dow Jones Indices


Reference a range of indices to understand where your company and its peers stand, so you can carefully plan and target your ESG goals.

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Sustainability Yearbook 2021

The Sustainability Yearbook awards companies that have demonstrated superior sustainability performance in their industry with Gold-, Silver- and Bronze-Class distinctions. Over 7,000 companies assessed in the 2020 Corporate Sustainability Assessment (CSA) were considered for The Sustainability Yearbook. Only 631 companies with top ESG scores made it into the Yearbook.

ESG Insights

Gender equality in the workplace: going beyond women on the board

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