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Climate Risk & Resilience

The majority of companies today are exposed to physical assets at risk due to climate change. Understanding how to prevent or mitigate billions of dollars’ worth of climate risk is essential.

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The Physical Risks from Climate Change

Marion Amiot, the Head of Climate Economics for S&P Global Ratings joins the Seek & Prosper Interview Series to discuss physical risks from climate change. She covers the variety of physical risks and how they affect economies differently, different pathways depending on the extent of decarbonization, and the need for international support for countries most affected by climate change.

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Climate and Environmental

Datasets & Solutions

Assess environmental footprints, take a deep dive into high impact sectors, conduct climate scenario analysis and evaluate your alignment with market frameworks designed to inform the transition to a low carbon, sustainable and equitable future with our comprehensive climate and environmental datasets.

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Feb. 17, 2023
The Mounting Cost of Climate for Insurers

Climate-related disasters are leading to increased claims across the insurance industry. As floods, heat waves, fires, and extreme weather becomes more common, insurers are re-evaluating their exposure.

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