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What We Offer


Market & Sector Expertise

S&P Global’s research and insights delivers the Essential Intelligence® you need to stay ahead of changing market dynamics and seize your next opportunity.


Award-winning Podcasts

We meet our clients where they are, on the go and around the world with a unique suite of industry-specific podcasts that provide valuable and specific insight from world experts.


S&P Global Events & Webinars

Making connections is what we do best. Whether it’s developing critical industry relationships, or engaging with fresh ideas: you get immersive intelligence and real-world applications.



We provide immediate insights on individual market developments and large scale trends that our clients need for a 360° perspective on the big stories shaping our world.

Our Expert Solutions


Ratings360® provides rated issuers with a holistic picture of their organization’s credit story — ratings, risk research and critical insights on one personalized dashboard.

Platts Connect

Platts Connect provides a single-entry point to a wealth of energy and commodity-related content, including more than 15,000 daily price assessments, as well as breaking news, research, fundamental data, forecasts, and customizable data analytics tools all accessed via an easy-to-use navigation menu.

Do more than see. Seek.

Discover new insights, new market analysis, and new approaches to navigate a changing world with expert analysis and the Essential Intelligence® on the biggest challenges and opportunities in the world today.

Featured Market Insights

Explore a broad range of content on the trends impacting the markets and the world today.

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Go beyond the numbers to understand a world in motion

S&P Global is the go-to expert for deeper industry insights and news.

Topic & Sector Insights

S&P Global's research and insights go beyond the numbers to understand a world in motion.

S&P Global Mobility E-Propulsion Forecast

S&P Global Mobility E-Propulsion Forecast

Tackle the challenges of hybrid and electric propulsion systems.

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