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IOSCO Recommendations for ESG Ratings & Data Providers

IOSCO Recommendations for ESG Ratings Providers and Data Product Providers

S&P Global engaged with the work of IOSCO’s Sustainable Finance Taskforce and appreciates the dialogue this initiative has fostered between policy makers and ESG product providers. We welcome IOSCO’s final recommendations in this space which focus on the promotion of high quality ESG ratings and data products.

As jurisdictions look to implement the IOSCO recommendations through various initiatives at national and regional level S&P Global will continue to contribute to this important dialogue with our insights and views. We believe that consistent implementation of the IOSCO recommendations will support the production of high quality ESG data and rating products and will help to avoid fragmentation across jurisdictions.

Japanese Financial Services Agency’s Code of Conduct for ESG Evaluations and Data Providers

S&P Global engaged with the work of International Organisation of Securities Commission’s (IOSCO) Sustainable Finance Taskforce and welcomed the IOSCO recommendations that Japan seeks to implement.

In line with this, S&P Global welcomes the Japanese Financial Service Agency’s (JFSA) continued efforts to strengthen standards for ESG products and data through its Code of Conduct for ESG Evaluation and Data Providers. S&P Global intends to endorse the principles of the Code of Conduct with regard to its applicable products and services, and S&P Global’s separate business units are continuing to assess how the principles of the Code of Conduct apply to their respective products and services. Where products and services are determined to be covered by the JFSA Code of Conduct, the relevant S&P Global business unit will provide further information on its steps toward adherence.

S&P Global remains committed to engaging with market participants and policy makers around the world as the market for ESG ratings and data evolves.