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Geopolitical Risk

The world is changing. Geopolitical fragmentation is being fueled by cyber threats, the war in Ukraine, US-China relations and more. Here, we outline 2024’s top geopolitical risks.

S&P Global Daily Update

S&P Global acquires Visible Alpha​

We are excited to announce that Visible Alpha has been acquired by S&P Global. ​

Market Insights

Seek & Prosper
2023 Annual Report

Uncertain world, discover opportunity.

It seems the world is disjointed. In a time of economic and geopolitical volatility, our customers require a keen understanding of risks and the insights to uncover opportunities.

Artificial Intelligence Insights

AI Applications

Oct. 31 2023

AI in Banking: AI Will Be An Incremental Game Changer

Banks are adopting generative AI, which promises earnings growth, improvements to decision-making, and better risk management. But it also comes with new risks, concerns, and costs that banks will have to manage.

We believe testing of generative AI solutions will accelerate over the next two to five years, while benefits are likely to prove incremental.

Banks that successfully deploy AI could benefit from capabilities and efficiencies that lead to competitive advantages and differentiation. This may, eventually, have implications for our views on creditworthiness, primarily through three areas: business franchise, financial performance, and risk management.

Essential Intelligence for a changing world.