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Geopolitical Risk

The world is changing. Geopolitical fragmentation is being fueled by cyber threats, the war in Ukraine, US-China relations and more. Here, we outline 2024’s top geopolitical risks.

S&P Global Daily Update

S&P Global acquires Visible Alpha​

We are excited to announce that Visible Alpha has been acquired by S&P Global. ​

Market Insights

Seek & Prosper
2023 Annual Report

Uncertain world, discover opportunity.

It seems the world is disjointed. In a time of economic and geopolitical volatility, our customers require a keen understanding of risks and the insights to uncover opportunities.

Artificial Intelligence Insights

Governance & Regulation

13 June 2024

Listen: Artificial Intelligence Insights

Governance Considerations for AI with Di Rifai, Kjell Carlsson, and Bruno Bastit

In this episode, we dive deep into governance considerations for AI, including regulatory issues, bias, and inclusion. Special guests include Di Rifai, Chairman of Creating Future Us, Kjell Carlsson, AI Strategist, Domino Data Labs, and Bruno Bastit, Global Corporate Governance Lead & Sustainability Research Director, S&P Global Ratings. Hosted by S&P Global Chief Innovation Officer, Sudeep Kesh, and Director, S&P Global Ratings, Miriam Fernandez.

Essential Intelligence for a changing world.

The Essential Podcast