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Intelligence You Can Act On.

Ratings360™ provides rated issuers with a holistic picture of their organization’s credit story – ratings, risk research and critical insights on one personalized dashboard.

Manage. Compare. Report. All in one dashboard.

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Manage. Compare. Report. All in one dashboard.

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  • Intelligence you can act on.

  • Ratings Data

    Access ratings, rating history and rating articles of your organization, your peers, suppliers and counterparties.

  • Financials Comparisons

    Compare rating scores, adjusted and pre-adjusted financials and ratios between your organization, peers, suppliers and counterparties.

  • Credit Scenario Builders

    Create hypothetical ‘what if’ scenarios based on your inputs and our criteria, and gain a better understanding of our rating methodology.

  • Economic Research

    Stay ahead with research on 90+ global economies.

  • Ratings Distribution

    See the ratings distribution across geographies, sectors and grades covered by S&P Global Ratings.

  • Market Commentary

    Access research and commentary from our team of 1,500+ Analysts and Economists globally.

  • Sustainability intelligence

    Differentiate yourself by having our analytical approach, research and all public evaluations on sustainability on hand.

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