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Uncover emerging opportunities and address market challenges head-on with the data, tools and insights of S&P Capital IQ Pro, our integrated intelligence platform.

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Data originating from IHS Markit is now available on the S&P Global Marketplace. Explore premium fundamental and alternative datasets available seamlessly via Desktop, Cloud, Data Feed, and API Solutions, along with expert analysis you won't find anywhere else.

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Featured Podcasts


Economics & Country Risk

Dedicated to sharing essential economic intelligence with those working in and affected by global markets. Our experts provide a 360-degree perspective across countries, risks, industries, and commodities to ensure you make the best possible decisions.

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Golden Record

Golden Record is a monthly podcast focusing on the world of corporate actions, where S&P Global Market Intelligence experts discuss key challenges, solutions, and topical corporate actions topics with internal and external industry experts.

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IR in Focus

Hear about emerging, evergreen, and exceptional challenges faced by corporate issuers, asset managers and IR professionals.

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Masters of Risk

Risk evolves fast, especially in the current markets, keeping it top of mind for business leaders today.  Join us monthly as we reach across the globe to speak to business leaders about what keeps them up at night.

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Next in Tech

Take a deep look at industries as they invent and implement digital infrastructure.

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Private Markets 360

Build a 360° view of the private markets with new and insightful perspectives from industry thought leaders.

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Street Talk

Tune in for interviews with industry insiders as well as brief outlooks for the banking sector.

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The Pipeline

Tune in for interviews with industry insiders who offer insights on the latest deal trends.

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