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Your Single Source of Essential Sustainability Intelligence

Successfully navigate the transition to a sustainable future.

Our comprehensive coverage across global markets combined with in-depth ESG intelligence provides financial institutions, corporations and governments an unmatched level of clarity and confidence.

How we deliver
sustainability intelligence

S&P Global Ratings provides a suite of Sustainable Finance Services to help companies demonstrate their corporate purpose and commitment to stakeholders, connect more deeply with their customers and ultimately help their investors enjoy long-term value creation.

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Our data and analytics are essential for assessing company ESG performance against financially material metrics to uncover long-term value.

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Our unique suite of 150+ ESG indices provides clients the ability to benchmark the performance of their ESG strategies so that they can better understand, measure and report on performance.

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S&P Global Platts provides the tools you need to navigate the shift from carbon-intensive fossil fuels to lower-carbon alternatives. With access to the depth and breadth of Platts coverage including pricing, news, analysis and outlooks on emerging commodity markets, you will be able to analyze the rate of change and the market developments of new technologies and commodities helping you to identify opportunities and risks around energy transition.

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Assesses risks relating to climate change, natural resource constraints, and broader sustainability factors. Comprehensive datasets and analytics encompass carbon emissions and other pollutant impacts, water use, waste disposal, United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, as well as a forward looking lens on physical and transitional climate risks inform sustainable decision making and capital allocation.

Our solutions
are powered by:

The S&P Global Corporate
Sustainability Assessment (CSA)

Provides detailed ESG benchmarking insights to better integrate sustainability and business strategy. S&P Global ESG Scores capture the nuances and differences of policies and programs and in-depth ESG information. The process has been iterative over a 20 year period continuously leveraging our relationships with Corporates, following a complex performance-based model so companies can gauge the financial materiality of their ESG performance and connect ESG with business value drivers.

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S&P Global Trucost

Assesses risks relating to climate change, natural resource constraints, and broader ESG factors through a complete environmental performance profile encompassing carbon emissions and other pollutant impacts, water use, natural resource dependency and waste disposal to inform investment decision making and power investment benchmarks.

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Essential ESG intelligence informs the transition to sustainability

At S&P Global, we are committed to delivering the most essential ESG data, analytics and research to help market participants make sustainable decisions with conviction.


jurisdictions tracked by our carbon pricing scenario analysis tool


granular data points captured from engaging directly with companies through the Corporate Sustainability Assessment (CSA)


headline ESG and sustainability indices spanning stocks and bonds, countries and regions, and themes and factors


global market capitalization covered by climate and positive impact data intelligence

Minimizing our own environmental footprint

We aim to decrease the environmental impact of our operations through comprehensive sustainability initiatives that include setting reduction targets and ongoing tracking, measuring and reporting of our performance.

S&P Global Announces Ambitious Climate Actions on Its Way to Achieving Net Zero by 2040

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Our Awards

We're honored to be recognized for our efforts to bring you unrivaled intelligence, tools, and customer service.

Best ESG Index

ESG Investing Awards

2020 — Winner
S&P Dow Jones Indices

Best Specialist ESG Provider

ESG Investing Awards

2020 — Winner
S&P Dow Jones Indices

Best ESG Ratings Provider

ESG Investing Awards

2020 — Winner
S&P Global Ratings

Most Innovative ESG Product

ESG Investing Awards

2020 — Winner
S&P Global Trucost

2019 IFR Award Best ESG Opinion Provider


2019 — Winner
S&P Global Ratings

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