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The Path to Net-Zero

Net zero and carbon neutral commitments are on the rise as companies, financial institutions, and countries pledge to cut emissions as much as possible and offset the rest. But progress to date has been worryingly slow.

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Accelerate to Zero

Datasets & Solutions

There’s no single action that will lead us to carbon neutrality. But there is a single source of essential sustainability intelligence providing unparalleled data and insight to accelerate your journey.

Insights from the S&P Global Research Council

A changing world requires new insights, new analysis, and new approaches. The impact of geopolitical events, supply chain issues, health crises, and a changing climate is never confined to a single sector or market. Our clients require expertise and analysis that looks at the big picture.

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January 15, 2024
Key 2024 sustainability trends driving the year ahead

As the physical risks from climate change increase, we expect 2024 to bring a heightened focus on adaptation and resilience planning alongside rising understanding of the impacts of climate change — including on human health.

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Environment and Sustainability

S&P Global Platts

Sustainability is an increasing concern in the commodities industry – from carbon emissions trading to the development of renewables and stricter rules on areas such as mining, plastics and sulfur in oil products.

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Energy In Transition

S&P Global Ratings

Global energy generators face mounting uncertainty in the transition toward renewable energy sources, weakening load growth, and declining fuel prices. We explore the ”Energy Transition” and its credit implications.