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Social Equity

Social issues are controversial at times, yet stakeholder capitalism, gender and racial diversity, and income inequality are driving investment and innovation in markets.

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S&P Global ESG Scores – and the CSA research process that underpins them – form the basis of a unique ecosystem that actively drives corporate disclosures and raises the bar on sustainability standards over time.

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A changing world requires new insights, new analysis, and new approaches. The impact of geopolitical events, supply chain issues, health crises, and a changing climate is never confined to a single sector or market. Our clients require expertise and analysis that looks at the big picture.

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January 10, 2023
Studying the STEM Education Gap Among CEOs Globally

In some sectors such as energy, autos and health care, women CEOs are more likely to have a STEM educational background compared to their peers who are men — suggesting a STEM background may be more important for women in these industries.

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