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Our Quality Commitment

The S&P Global Sustainable1 Quality Commitment Program

Publicly disclosed data can come in many formats, and rigorous quality assessment is essential to identify and adjust potential errors. S&P Global Sustainable1 is taking the steps to address these challenges, through the creation of our new Quality Commitment Program. Any qualified and corrected error found in our Environmental Dataset will be rewarded by the planting of five trees, maximising on our impact and commitment to improvement.

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Correcting Disclosure Errors

Corporate environmental performance disclosure is not always accurate or complete. Discover an approach that engages directly with companies to correct disclosure errors.

Checking and cleaning environmental data to correct disclosure errors

During the last environmental reporting cycle, we uncovered and adjusted errors and inconsistencies in 47% of company disclosure through our annual research engagement. Our analysts engaged personally with companies to correct 5,009 reporting errors in 3,060 company disclosures.

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Demand for Comprehensive Environmental Performance Data is on the Rise

With heightened awareness of intensifying climate change impacts and natural resource constraints comes increasing demand for transparency on corporate environmental performance. While asset owners, investment managers and banks are seeking comprehensive insight on the environmental risks and opportunities of the companies they invest in, companies need to uncover environmental liabilities embedded in globally-dispersed operations and supply chain tiers.

This blog series asks, ‘just how comprehensive is today’s environmental performance disclosure?’ and explores how a granular approach to completing data gaps can address the quality imperative to provide a complete picture of environmental performance across the global value chain.

What S&P Global Sustainable1 data tells us about the landscape for climate disclosure

Filling data gaps in environmental performance disclosure

In a world where company disclosures around sustainability topics can be inconsistent, our approach to filling in the gaps helps complete the picture across financial portfolios and corporate supply chains.

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Expanding Data Connections

Connect essential sustainability data intelligence with more data to build a bigger picture.

Expand Data Connections with a Comprehensive Data Linking Solution

Our Business Entity Cross Reference Service (BECRS), Global Instrument Cross Reference Service (GICRS), Industry Sector Cross Reference Service (ISCRS) and Company Relationship data come together to provide the solution.


Sustainable1 Case Studies

Explore our case study collection to learn how our clients are successfully navigating the transition to a sustainable future with comprehensive, reliable, connected and relevant data intelligence.

Sustainable1 Case Studies

Cutting-edge developments in S&P Global Trucost’s Paris Alignment, Physical Risk and Scope 3 Emissions data – as well as the pioneering S&P PACT Indices built upon them – provide investors with a choice: to align their portfolios with a scenario that may mitigate the most catastrophic climate impacts and, at once, embark on their journeys towards a net zero economy.