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CSA Methodology


CSA Companion 2020 (03/2020)

Provides companies with information on the rationale and intent behind general and cross-industry questions of the CSA. The CSA Companion offers additional details on the structure of each question, definitions used and references. It includes a summary mapping questions in the S&P Global CSA to their corresponding GRI reporting criteria.

2020 Weights (Updated as of 11/2020)

This document provides an overview of the criteria weights for each of the 61 CSA Industries.

Methodology Update 2020 (03/2020)

This brief presentation provides an overview of the key changes to the assessment criteria and affected industries compared to last year’s CSA.

MSA Methodology Guidebook 2020 (03/2020)

This guidebook describes the Media & Stakeholder Analysis (MSA) methodology, with information on the scoring approach and decision process to determine MSA impacts.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our FAQ document addresses the most common questions relating to the technical aspects of completing the online questionnaire. It includes benefits of participation, registration and passwords, deadlines, navigating the questionnaire, uploading documents, and saving and reviewing your work. A unit conversion table can also be found on the last page of the document.

Measuring Intangibles – The S&P Global Corporate Sustainability Assessment Methodology

This paper describes the philosophy behind the CSA and explains how the questionnaire is structured and how the score is calculated.

Sample questionnaire

To request a sample CSA questionnaire please visite our sample questionnaire page.

Assurance Statement

To ensure quality and objectivity of the CSA, S&P Global voluntarily appoints independent third party Deloitte to conduct an external audit of the assessment process each year.

Should you have any additional questions regarding the completion of the questionnaire, please do not hesitate to contact our CSA Helpline team at: or +41 44 529 5160