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Essential Intelligence: Assessments

Green Evaluations

S&P Global Ratings Green Evaluation

An S&P Global Ratings Green Evaluation is an asset-level environmental credential which aims to provide investors with a more comprehensive picture of the green impact and climate risk attributes of their portfolios.

Our independent and data-driven evaluation analyzes and estimates a project or initiative’s environmental impact and/or resilience level, including:
  • Green Buildings
  • Green Energy
  • Green Transport
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Water
  • Fossil Fuel Power Plants (decreased carbon intensity of conventional energy production)
  • Nuclear

Green issuance and investment is on a firm upward trajectory, propelled by the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement, and the impetus it created to finance $1 trillion a year in investments for renewable energy and other initiatives to limit global warming.

At the same time, long-term investors are also recognizing the threat from greenhouse gases and have begun to diversify portfolios away from carbon-based investment. The final push is coming from corporations as they start to contend with the consequences of increasingly extreme and violent weather and flooding. Many are starting to see that managing environmental exposure may be more than risk management; it may be good for business.

So how green or resilient are your financing initiatives?

Benefits for Issuers

  • Diversify your investor base
  • Potential to enjoy long term pricing advantages
  • Internally benchmark your green performance Y-O-Y
  • Send a strong, pro-active message to stakeholders
  • Appeal to millennials as employees and customers

Benefits for Investors
  • Meet your clients’ needs/requests and satisfy your green mandates
  • Balance risk-adjusted financial returns with sustainability benefits
  • Reduce time to evaluate a complex and growing investment type

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