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U.S. Residential Mortgage Originator Reviews

U.S. Residential Mortgage Originator Reviews

Our independent view of a company's ability to handle the complex demands of originating U.S. residential mortgage loans.

We give market participants an objective view of a company's ability to handle the increasingly complex demands of originating U.S. residential mortgage loans. Mortgage Originator Reviews are conducted by a dedicated team of analysts with expertise in evaluating various operational risks.

Ranking provided on a scale from Strong to Weak, with published press release and report. Rankings are monitored periodically.

Why Obtain a Mortgage Originator Review?
S&P Global Ratings Mortgage Originator Reviews provide a consistent, objective analysis of a U.S. residential mortgage originator's operations and performance. Each review offers an overall ranking -based on sub-rankings covering an originator's qualitative (loan underwriting and processing, including the financial position review) and quantitative (historical loan performance) components. A mortgage originator overall ranking helps to assess an originator's operational capabilities and competence.

Mortgage Originator Reviews offer benefits to investors, issuers, bankers, and originators alike. They can serve a variety of valuable functions, including:
  • Helping investors make well-informed investment decisions by highlighting key originator processes and performance measurements.
  • Enabling issuers to enhance the attractiveness of transactions by selecting a well-regarded operation.
  • Providing originators with a resource that they can help to raise its company profile, market themselves to transaction sponsors and servicers, compare themselves with peers, and assess internal performance.

Detailed Description
A Mortgage Originator Review is not a credit rating. Following a comprehensive evaluation process, analysts assess an originator's operational strengths and risks to derive appropriate sub-rankings and an overall ranking. The ranking and supporting analysis are conveyed in a written report that is published, and which may be included in related U.S. RMBS transaction presale reports. To maintain a current perspective, ongoing reviews and updates keep global market participants abreast of important organizational developments.

Each ranking comprises subrankings for two separate components: a quantitative review (historical performance) and a qualitative review (nine areas of loan origination and underwriting process, including management and organization (including financial position); risk management; third-party management (brokers, correspondents, retail loan officers); underwriting; pre-funding data quality; post-funding quality control; appraisal/valuation management; and regulatory compliance).

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