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Private Credit Analysis (PCA)

You want to find out about the creditworthiness of a third-party entity. The problem is, it's unrated.

A tool to assess counterparty risk. Provides a confidential third-party credit opinion on an unrated counterparty.

A Private Credit Analysis is not a credit rating. It is a credit estimate accompanied by a written report on the rationale for the credit estimate. A Private Credit Analysis provides a confidential third-party opinion of a target entity's likelihood of default when a public credit rating is not available. Private Credit Analyses are often sought by parties, as one factor amongst others, to help them determine counterparty exposure to an unrated issuer.

Our Private Credit Analysis brings you a concise credit analysis of the unrated entities that interest you. You'll receive a report that includes a Credit Estimate, supported by a brief rationale. Although a Private Credit Analysis takes a "point-in-time" snapshot and there is no ongoing surveillance, we can update this analysis at your request.

A Private Credit Analysis is typically based on information provided by the requesting party together with information from third-party sources we consider reliable.

The Private Credit Analysis helps you:
  • Analyze and report on specific credits that may fall outside your institution's traditional experience;
  • Supplement your internal credit resources; and
  • Review and compare your internal credit process with our analysis.

The Private Credit Analysis changes the unknown to the known:
  • Offering an independent and objective tool that senior credit, financial, risk, and investment managers can use for evaluating and managing credit risk;
  • Providing credit analysis of new and existing counterparties, borrowers, lessees, customers, partners, and suppliers, to help you analyze their credit quality;
  • Providing specific industry and company insight from our credit analysts to help improve your understanding of counterparty and industry credit risk;
  • Supplementing the expertise and resources of your internal credit departments;
  • Assisting you in evaluating portfolio or individual acquisitions; and
  • Assisting you in setting credit terms, such as limits and pricing.

  • Report including a credit estimate grade, expressed in lower case lettering using our traditional credit rating symbols, and written analysis detailing the target entity's relative strengths and weaknesses and business and financial profile.
  • A Private Credit Analysis is a Credit Estimate accompanied by a written report on the rationale for the Credit Estimate. It does not involve direct contact with the obligor's management and although it is a point-in-time analysis, it can be updated at your request.

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