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Cyber Risk Solutions

Quantitative Insights to Manage Risk

  • The Evolving Cyber Landscape
  • Solutions for Your Business

The evolving cyber landscape

Cyber risk has been increasing in recent years as entities embrace digitalization — further catalyzed by COVID-19 and the abrupt transition to digital life. Nearly every exchange of information comes with some level of cyber risk.

Breaches can lead to devastating financial consequences for an organization and its stakeholders. With the potential to significantly impact revenue, regulatory compliance, customer relationships, and employee privacy, cybersecurity practices are no longer an IT initiative — they are a business priority.

As cyber becomes more critical, it’s imperative that entities have an in-depth understanding of their risk profile in order to determine the proper allocation of resources. Based on the partnership of two market leaders in analyzing and assessing risk — S&P Global Ratings and Guidewire — the S&P Global Ratings Cyber Risk Assessment, based on Guidewire data, provides comprehensive, quantitative insights into an entity’s cyber risk profile to help entities understand their Cyber posture. 

S&P Global Ratings Cyber Risk Solutions

S&P Global Ratings has expanded its partnership with Guidewire Software. Additional data, sourced from the cyber risk expertise and insights of Guidewire, is being added to Ratings360 in order to provide much needed additional insight into an entity's cybersecurity vulnerabilities. We offer the Cyber Risk Assessment to support your Cyber risk preparedness. We plan to add additional products and services to meet our clients' evolving cyber needs in the future.

Based on data provided by Guidewire, our suite of Cyber products can help your team:

  • Gain nontechnical understanding of cyber vulnerabilities to better quantify financial risk and determine priority investment decisions;

  • Inform security improvement strategies and benchmark performance over time;

  • Provide insight that can help you prevent financial loss and protect the reputation of the company;

  • Prevent business disruption and keep operations running smoothly;

  • Measure the potential cyber impact of investment decisions before they take place;

  • Benchmark against industry peers on combined cyber and financial risk basis;

  • Ensure you stay on top of the latest cyber threats to your business.

  • Cyber Risk Assessment

Cyber Risk Assessment

The Cyber Risk Assessment provides:

  • Insights into the most pressing cyber risks with the highest potential financial impact, to help your leadership to prioritize the initiatives with the highest ROI.

  • Gain an understanding of the potential risk categories and factors, delivered via 8 risk related categories plus 40 sub-factors.

  • Provide insights into potential financial loss scenarios based on a company’s cyber risk exposure.

  • Benchmark against industry peers on combined cyber and cyber-related financial risk basis.

Download the Cyber Risk Assessment Brochure

Cyber risks are constantly changing.

Read the latest research.
  • Cyber Risk Assessment for CEOs
  • Cyber Risk Assessment for Boards of Directors
  • Cyber Risk Assessment for CFOs
  • Cyber Risk Assessment for Partners
  • Cyber Risk Assessment for Chief Risk Officers
  • Cyber Risk Assessment for Chief Information Security Officers

Cyber Risk Assessment

For CEOs, Cyber needs are:

  • Shareholders, customers, and employees have come to equate any security breach to a breach of trust and building and keeping trust is the foremost job of the CEO.

  • Must answer potential cybersecurity questions of stakeholders on the health, direction, and vulnerabilities of the business requiring insight into technology they may not be familiar with.

  • Need to minimize risk of financial loss due to cyber incidents.

Cyber Risk Assessment

For Boards of Directors, Cyber needs are:

  • Be increasingly held accountable for cybersecurity and resiliency and require visibility into the overall health of the business.

  • Minimize risk of financial loss due to cyber incidents.

  • Ensure cybersecurity as their fiduciary duties, even though most boards are unprepared for this role.

Cyber Risk Assessment

For CFOs, Cyber needs are:

  • Find the right balance of cyber investment to achieve ROI while matching potential risks/vulnerabilities. Making investments in robust and reliable data security and privacy are priorities. 

  • Minimize risk of financial loss due to cyber incidents.

  • Stay up to date with compliance laws and regulations to minimize company risks and guide strategies that ensure continued profitability and accountability.

Cyber Risk Assessment

For Partners, Cyber needs are to:

  • Reduce risk of breaches when working with external parties with unknown cyber practices.

  • Complete lengthy cybersecurity risk assessments to demonstrate data integrity, cyber governance, and regulatory compliance.

  • Have technological background to understand and communicate true cybersecurity risks/vulnerabilities. 

Cyber Risk Assessment

For CROs, Cyber needs are:

  • Require deep insight into all elements of company operations to ensure compliance and risk management.

  • Communicate findings and strategies to the CEO and CFO effectively in order to receive the proper resources for risk prevention.

  • Identify risks, develop risk mitigation programs, and ensure compliance to mitigate threats to a company’s cash flow in a variety of areas, including financial investments to the regulatory landscape to cybersecurity requiring broad knowledge of a variety of risks. 

Cyber Risk Assessment

For CISOs, Cyber needs are:

  • Manage lack of funding and/or alignment with the Board, CEO, CFO, etc.

  • Quickly adapt to the changing threat landscape to prevent cyber attacks.

  • Against the backdrop of a growing attack surface, exponential increase in cyber-attacks and a cybersecurity skills shortage.

  • Educate stakeholders.