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Company Assessments

Independent, research-based evaluations that assess how green a company’s activities are and may help investors to track companies’ transition efforts.

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S&P Global Shades of Green’s Company Assessments are built on climate science. Launched in 2020, and using the renowned Shades of Green methodology, the Company Assessment provides an in-depth look into the environmental impact of companies, evaluating the greenness of corporate activities and their transition efforts. The Shades of Green methodology was originally developed through the CICERO Center for International Climate Research-led research project, Sustainable Edge, in iterative collaboration with financial sector partners and companies.
Our Company Assessments are a practical tool for investors, lenders, and public authorities for understanding climate risk, including in preparation for green equity listings, green initial public offerings (IPOs), EU Taxonomy reporting, and providing transparency to inform their assessment of corporate sustainability.

The Shades of Green approach explicitly links the environmental and financial aspects by assigning a Shade of Green to a company’s revenues, operating costs, and capital expenditures. The assessment reflects our view of how green a company’s activities are and may help investors to track companies’ transition efforts.

Shades of Green includes a governance score that reflects our view of the robustness of the environmental governance structure, graded as either Excellent, Good or Fair. The assessment report includes key environmental performance indicators to make it easier for investors to compare progress.

The assessment also provides investors and lenders with analysis on the likely alignment to the EU Taxonomy, including a review of the do no significant harm (DNSH) criteria and a high-level review of minimum safeguards.

Our company assessments are desk reviews, based on documentation provided by the company and information gathered during meetings, teleconferences and e-mail correspondence with the issuer.

The Assessment Process

The Shades of Green Methodology for Company Assessments

At the heart of the Company Assessment methodology are the Shades of Green, which reflect our opinion of the extent to which revenue streams, operational expenditures, and investments contribute to the transition to a low carbon and climate resilient future and their exposure to climate risks.

Our methodology provides a nuanced yet digestible assessment for investors by acknowledging that ‘greenness’ is not binary - investments in all Shades of Green projects are necessary to successfully achieve the Paris Agreement target of keeping global warming well below 2°C. In some cases, activities or technologies that reduce emissions in the near-term result in prolonged use of high-emitting infrastructure and an increase in net emissions in the long term. The Shades of Green methodology evaluates how well investments are aligned with a low carbon climate resilient future through a range of shading from Dark Green to Red.

Learn more about how we apply the Shades of Green.

Approved Reviewer for Nasdaq Green Designations

S&P Global Shades of Green, is an approved reviewer for the Nasdaq Green Equity and Nasdaq Green Equity Transition Designations and has provided stakeholder input to the development of the designation principles. In June 2021 Nasdaq launched voluntary Green Equity Designations targeting green and transition companies on Nasdaq Nordic markets. The Nasdaq Green Designations provide transparency on green credentials of a company and offer a way to follow a company’s progress over time.

Our Company Assessments evaluate alignment with the Nasdaq Green Equity and Transition Designations principles. To meet the Green Equity Designation principles, companies must have more than 50 percent of turnover from green activities and continue to invest in a majority share of green activities, in addition to providing transparency on EU Taxonomy alignment and company-level sustainability targets.

Use Cases

Learn more about Shades of Green Company Assessments

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