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Dow Inc. ESG Score

  • Ticker: DOW
  • Industry: CHM Chemicals
  • Location: United States of America
Notification: For the Methodology Year 2023 onwards, the S&P Global ESG Score incorporates question-level scores based on modeling approaches in the absence of disclosure. For more information, please refer to the methodology documentation.

S&P Global ESG Score


Data Availability :
Very High

Updated annually or in response to major developments

Score Composition


Score Breakdown

  • Industry Max
  • Industry Mean

        ESG Score Contribution

        S&P Global ESG Score Definition The S&P Global ESG Score measures a company's performance on and management of material ESG risks, opportunities, and impacts informed by a combination of company disclosures, media and stakeholder analysis, modeling approaches, and in-depth company engagement via the S&P Global Corporate Sustainability Assessment (CSA).

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        CSA Required Public Disclosure
        • Disclosure Rate
          95 %
          Data Availability Relative to Peers
          Very High
        • Maximum Industry Score
          Potential Score based on Disclosure Rate
        • Actual Score based on Disclosure
        CSA Additional Disclosure
        • Disclosure Rate
          Data Availability Relative to Peers
          Very High
        • Maximum Industry Score
          Potential Score based on Disclosure Rate
        • Actual Score based on Disclosure
        S&P Global CSA Score = 77
        Modeled Scores
        • Number of questions based on modeling approaches
        • Questions based on modeling approaches vary by industry
        Modeled Scores = 0
        S&P Global ESG Score
        • Updated annually as of November 24, 2023
        • Annual score before Media & Stakeholder Analysis adjustments
        S&P Global ESG Score = 77/ 100
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        The charts above show the breakdown of the S&P Global ESG Score by question-level scores based on disclosed data and question-level scores based on modeling approaches in the absence of disclosure.

        Company vs Industry Performance

        S&P Global has selected the most relevant criteria in each sustainability dimension based on their weight in the assessment and their current or expected significance for the industry. The adjacent spider chart visualizes the performance against the best score achieved within the industry in each criterion and the mean industry score.

        NEW *If no score is shown, the criterion is material to the industry but not to the company's business case.


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