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ESG Score

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S&P Global ESG Scores provide multiple layers of ESG intelligence with three underlying Environmental, Social, and Governance & Economic Dimension Scores, and an average of 23 Criteria Scores informed by 61 industry specific approaches.¬ The scores are based on the S&P Global Corporate Sustainability Assessment (CSA). The CSA, first established in 1999, is an annual evaluation of companies’ sustainability practices, focusing on criteria that are both industry specific and financially material.

Companies are either assessed based on publicly available information or through active participation in the CSA. Active participation provides us with the most complete set of sustainability information on the company, and enables us to provide the most accurate ESG performance assessment and resulting ESG Scores.

Information on this page is updated monthly.

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Dimension Scores

  • Industry Best
  • Industry Mean

S&P Global has selected the most relevant criteria in each sustainability dimension based on their weight in the assessment and their current or expected significance for the industry. The spider chart below visualizes the performance against the best score achieved within the industry in each criterion and the mean industry score.

Integrating ESG Scores

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Corporate Sustainability Assessment

Companies that participate in the CSA gain deeper insights into their risks and opportunities while providing the transparency that investors need.


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Sustainability Yearbook 2021

Used by a broad range of stakeholders, including customers, employees, nongovernmental organizations and academics, the Yearbookis widely regarded as the definitive source on sustainability metrics. Its online database in accessed 100,000 times a year and provides the rankings of more than 3,500 companies.