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We are transparent.

Transparency Matters

A range of approaches has evolved around how to measure the ESG performance of a company, which has led to some confusion in the market. How can ESG scores be so different from one another? The answer is that they are trying to measure different things. While market participants often value a diversity of opinions to support their decision-making, there must be transparency to mitigate confusion and enhance understanding.

S&P Global ESG Scores assess impact alongside risk and sentiment. And we are committed to providing the highest level of transparency, so you can make sustainable decisions with conviction.



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Assurance Statement

To ensure quality and objectivity of our approach, we voluntarily appoint independent third party Deloitte to conduct an external audit of the S&P Global ESG Scores assessment process each year.


The audit of the 2021 CSA process will be completed at the end of the methodology year and will be available later in 2022.

ESG Scores

S&P Global ESG Scores – and the CSA research process that underpins them – form the basis of a unique ecosystem that actively drives corporate disclosures and raises the bar on sustainability standards over time.


Our Questionnaires

Find an ESG score.*

S&P Global ESG Scores use an advanced scoring methodology to provide an annual evaluation of environmental, social and governance practices.

* S&P Global Sustainable1 is removing ESG scores for all Russian companies on its public and product platforms. S&P Global Sustainable1 continues to review its position on this coverage and methodology for affected companies.

Our Insights

Deepen your understanding of the depth and rigour of our Corporate Sustainability Assessment, bedrock to S&P Global ESG Scores.

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ESG in Indices

The methodology of the S&P 500 ESG Index employs rules-based selection using an adjusted version of the S&P Global ESG Scores. Companies may be excluded from the index if they have a low ESG score relative to global industry peers, are involved in controversial business activities, perform poorly relative to the UNGC principles, or are involved in controversies as determined by the Media & Stakeholder Analysis. The S&P 500 ESG Index, which is weighted by float-adjusted market cap, targets 75% of the market cap of industry groups, selecting the top ESG performers as measured by the adjusted version of the S&P Global ESG Scores.


ESG in Credit Ratings

The question isn’t if ESG factors affect credit ratings. It’s how. Get the facts and figures surrounding ESG factors in credit ratings, direct from a category leader.


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Accelerate Your Sustainability Journey

Gain unparalleled insight into critical topics like ESG performance, net zero, energy transition, sustainable financing, regulatory compliance and more.

Discover End-to-End Market Perspectives

Leverage intelligence that is tried-and-tested throughout the global value chain, applying deep knowledge of corporate sustainability assessments that scales analytics for asset owners, investment managers and banks.

Connect Your Workflows

Link sustainability data with financial data and market intelligence, and dig deep with screening tools, real time updates, data visualizations and customized dashboards.

Increase Your Productivity

Access data when and how you want it with flexible delivery options that include a leading desktop solution, APIs, data feeds and cloud access, underpinned by robust data linking, AI and machine-learning technologies.

Rely on a Deep Heritage of Innovation

Put 20+ years of experience behind your sustainability strategy, getting ahead of disclosure trends with active corporate engagement and granular data modelling, and delivering enhanced solutions recognized by numerous industry awards.

Enjoy Superior Customer Service

Know you have 24x7x365 backup and specialist assistance from ESG specialists and research analysts across our global offices.