Methane Performance Certificate Assessments

Methane Performance Certificates Overview

Platts publishes a daily assessment of Methane Performance Certificates (MPCs), which is a certificate traded on the spot market that represents avoided methane emissions from the production of a specific volume of natural gas. Platts is publishing its daily assessment as both dollars per MPC ($/MPC) and dollars per metric ton equivalent ($/mtCO2e).

The Methane Performance Certificate™ (MPC™) is traded separately from the physical natural gas and will provide an additional way to generate capital through lower methane intensity in natural gas production. Natural gas produced with a methane emissions intensity at or below the Platts threshold of 0.10% will be eligible to be issued MPCs. Platts will review the methane intensity threshold annually, as new Subpart W data typically becomes available around the month of September and may modify the threshold at its discretion.

Xpansiv acts as both the issuer of MPCs and a platform on which they can be traded between market participants. Applying established third-party standards, protocols, and certifications to continuously metered data, Digital Natural Gas® (DNG™) units are registered to provide an immutable record to the source of production.

Each MPC is issued based on the methane performance of the DNGs, with participating gas producers able to transact their awarded MPCs on Xpansiv market CBL or bilaterally. MPCs are registered, issued, transacted, and retired in accordance with Xpansiv's Digital Fuels Program.

Methane Performance Certificates Assessments Features & Benefits

✔ Enables market participants to differentiate and accurately price cleanly produced, or responsibly sourced natural gas.

✔ Establishes a standard for methane emissions.

✔ Delivery methods: Gas Daily, Energy Trader, and Platts Dimensions Pro