Platts Global Integrated Energy Model

The global energy system is experiencing a profound transformation: total primary energy supply has increased, new fuels have entered the mix, and emerging technologies have changed the way energy is used. Given the magnitude of this transition, stakeholders need informed perspectives, unassailable data, and clear insight to manage and optimize this evolution.

In the next 30 years, we will see new challenges, uncertainties, and shifting regional dynamics that will present shifting opportunities and challenges in the energy space. To understand this transition, the Global Integrated Energy Model provides users with a practical and customizable tool to study the evolution of the global energy system. Containing all components of integrated balances, the Global Integrated Energy Model is used to compute long-term energy prices under various scenarios.

This is an ideal tool for energy industry leaders, strategic planners, and investors across a range of commodities (oil, gas & power, renewables, hydrogen and others).


  • — Leverage an integrated view of the global energy markets that will help you develop a more complete picture of how and when your business will be affected by emerging energy trends.
  • — Utilize a common language of data supported with analysis built from a bottom-up methodology, giving you more confidence to make strategic business decisions.
  • — View analysis on every aspect of the global shift of energy, including demand, inventories, infrastructure, and trade flows that enhance market transparency and the understanding of emerging trends.


  • — Coverage across 143 countries (13 regions), 9 end-use sectors, 30 fuel types, emissions detail
  • — Sectoral energy requirements are calculated as a demand for energy services (industrial, buildings, transportation, power generation, petrochemicals)
  • — Demand data incorporating GDP/income, population, commodity price, technological change, and policy drivers
  • — Annual data back to 1990, annual forecast through 2040
  • — Each month, global oil supply and demand are balanced on price
  • — Updated monthly with our key assumptions aligned to GDP growth and supply and demand changes

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