Platts Future Energy Outlooks

Platts Future Energy Outlooks (FEO) delivers a pragmatic view of the long-term trajectory of energy and commodity markets, rich insights about the interconnected nature of technology, policy and consumer preference to explain what tradeoffs are likely and what the world will look like when they occur. Users see analysis based on detailed market data that provides a scenario-based view of future energy demand and supply.

With Platts Analytics FEO you will be able to identify alternative outcomes to market events in a way that makes them useful for testing business strategies. FEO offers insights into the different pathways around the Energy Transition and achieving long term climate goals to monitor opportunities and risks in this rapidly changing space.

What does energy transition mean for fossil fuels? View an interactive snapshot from 2020 to 2050.

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Advancing technology and global policy changes are driving greater commodity market integration. Given the magnitude of this transition, stakeholders need informed perspective, unassailable data, and clear insight to manage and optimize this evolution.


— Gain an informed perspective, based on more than 15 years of tracking the low-carbon energy space, to help navigate the market shift to sustainable production.

— Develop and adjust medium-to-long term Outlooks – Let us help you define a world view of energy demand, supply, balances, prices, and emissions.

— Explore Pathways – Access responsive thought leadership on key policy and technology developments that help shape our outlooks. Our coverage includes electric vehicles, battery storage, hydrogen, carbon capture of developments around carbon markets, technology mandates, subsidies, and incentives plus more.

— Track Signposts – Rely on us to track data and share the latest developments that will inform you if and how our trajectories are changing.

— Follow Footprints – Understand the carbon intensities of the various physical assets in our databases - gain a better understanding of our outlooks to the asset level.


Annual Guidebook — A comprehensive study that includes Platts oil, gas, and overall energy reference cases, along with long-term outlooks for global crude, regional crude and product markets, and regional natural gas markets. Discussion includes analysis around scenarios with emission levels consistent with limiting global warming to 2 degrees (2 Degree Scenario).

Quarterly Tracking Reports — Defines short- and long-term scenarios surrounding S&P Global Commodity Insights Analytics cross-commodity supply, demand, trade, and price outlooks. Alternative high and low-price outlooks for key commodity prices are presented along with "signposts" of the energy transition that can impact the trajectory of commodity outlooks.

Annual 2-degrees Scenario Outlook — Analysis of the current emissions trajectory compared to the 2-degree scenario, with special reports focusing on analyzing future investment decisions required to limit global warming to two degrees.

Exclusive Access — It's challenging to keep up with volatile markets, but we're committed to helping our customers navigate through the energy transition. We deliver thought-provoking insights, exclusive client roundtables, webinars, seminars, and critical ad-hoc market coverage.

Alternative Transport/Electric Vehicle Analytics — Analysis and data around alternative transport, including vehicle fleets, fuel demand, and emissions implications. Monthly updates include EV Essentials historical data compilations. Quarterly and biannual scorecards that cover trends, policies, drivers, and forecasts of electric vehicle penetration and impacts on fuel demand.

Hydrogen Analytics — Analysis and data on hydrogen's role as a flexible energy carrier. Detailed research includes analysis of hydrogen production and transport pathways, cost trajectories, and outlooks for commercial uptake in different demand use cases.

Renewables Analytics — Access detailed, fundamentals-driven forecasts of solar photovoltaic (PV), onshore and offshore wind, and policy changes impacting the deployment of renewables.

Battery Metal Demand Analysis — Leveraging expertise in alternative transport and stationary storage to provide quarterly insights on demand, key considerations for battery metals (e.g., lithium, cobalt).

Energy Storage Analytics — Analysis of trends and policy for power storage, globally. Regional Power Storage Outlooks offer insights into this key technology that facilitates high levels of penetration of renewables in the power sector.