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Know today. Shape tomorrow.

As energy producers, investors, distributors, and consumers transition to lower carbon energy supply and demand, S&P Global Commodity Insights provides the key data and analysis you need to understand the market today—and the insight and projections you need to reshape the energy landscape of tomorrow.

We foresee the transition of the energy ecosystem occurring with multiple inflection points over an extended period of time around the world. Our robust analytics and long history of experience within this space provide a pathway for understanding national and regional differences as well as the impact of overlap and integration among various commodity markets.

Key Features

Market-first Hydrogen Prices

Hydrogen has the potential to transform a variety of energy verticals - our industry-first assessed prices, news, and analytics will keep you abreast of evolving changes.

Renewable Market Data

Understand key details of wholesale power procurement trends from hydro and wind generation facilities in the European Union with our European Guarantees of Origin heard information.

Hydrogen Production Database

Hydrogen can be produced by a variety of methods in various locations. Costs of production and subsequently prices vary accordingly. Our market leading hydrogen production database gives you insight into this developing market.

Key Emissions Forecasts

Gain perspective with forecast and historical prices for North American emission markets, carbon prices as well as global greenhouse gas schemes.

News and Insights

Cut through the noise with a dedicated news and insights service for the Energy Transition. Serving high-level trends as well as sector specific information, never miss a development with a focused stream market leading insight.

Thought Leadership

Perspective is hard to come by. Platts offers a wide range of insights into the Energy Transition through special reports, analytics, research and market engagement. As a trusted source in the energy markets, Platts can help you navigate the Energy Transition with ease.

Future Energy Outlooks

Gain critical insights into the Energy Transition with a comprehensive service of analytics and research covering energy projections with a focus on medium and longer-term outlooks for balances, prices and emissions.

Data Modeling

Adjust inputs/assumptions with our comprehensive modeling tool. View demand for various sources of energy on a global and country level across 143 countries, 9 end-use sectors and 30 fuel types.

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