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In today's global NGL & Petrochemicals markets, decisions about where, how, and when to act are dynamic and need the best information to guide you to the best results. S&P Global Commodity Insights helps you make these decisions by examining every aspect of the global NGL & Petrochemicals markets, including upstream and refining, demand, inventories, infrastructure, and trade flows, helping to improve market transparency and your understanding of emerging trends.

What we offer

The petrochemical and NGL industries continue to be impacted by the globalization and integration of the world economy, thanks to shifting supply sources and consumer demands, feedstock competition, and technological advancements. Whether you are a petrochemical company, manufacturer, upstream or downstream oil and gas company, a freight and logistics group or an infrastructure company, it's vital to understand where business risks and opportunities lie in this highly dynamic and growing market.

S&P Global Commodity Insights is your point of reference for global petrochemical and NGL markets. Whether your focus is petrochemical feedstocks, olefins, aromatics, or polymers; we provide critical market data, price assessments, and industry news and analysis to meet your business needs.

• An integrated view of supply and demand fundamentals driving global NGL & Petrochemicals markets

• Insights into changes in global Petrochemical and NGL production, trade and consumption

• Current market developments and industry backdrop for evaluating commodity and equity investments

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