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Is oil price volatility dead? (Spoiler: No.)

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Listen: Is oil price volatility dead? (Spoiler: No.)

  • Featuring
  • Meghan Gordon    Brian Scheid
  • Length
  • 16:44
  • Topic
  • Iran Sanctions US Sanctions on Venezuela's PDVSA

Sanctions have been imposed and reimposed, US oil production continues to shatter records, but WTI and Brent prices have yet to blink.

Are the days of oil climbing over $100 or below $30/b over?

On today's podcast, Ed Morse, Citigroup's global head of commodities research, and John Auers, executive vice president of Turner, Mason & Company, talk about the impact of sanctions on Venezuela and Iran, the shortage of heavy sour crude in the US Gulf Coast and whether price volatility has become a relic of market history.