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30 Mar 2023

Supply vs sustainability a key challenge for palm oil industry

Global environmental, social and governance, or ESG, concerns are squeezing the palm oil industry from both ends, with anti-deforestation laws limiting supply growth on one side and growing biofuel mandates raising consumption on the other. And while analysts warn of an approaching deficit, producers scramble for solutions


29 Mar 2023

What's keeping Russia-Ukraine grain deal afloat despite Putin's quibbles?

In the midst of the carnage brought about by the Russia-Ukraine war, one must wonder how the United Nations-brokered Black Sea Grain Initiative – recently renewed for another 60 days – is holding its own, while both sides are bathing in bloodshed every day. Let's take a step back and have a look at some of the events that transpired last summer. By mid-2022, the Ukrainians were facing the full brunt of the Russian military might


Commodity Tracker: 4 charts to watch this week

This week, S&P Global Commodity Insights editors and analysts are looking at power demand from global data centers, European gas stocks, ADNOC's storage deal with South Korea and steel raw materials demand in the EU. 1. Global data center power demand set to exceed 120 GW in 2023 What's happening? Insatiable demand for data-intensive services is driving the meteoric rise of the data center industry, which accelerated in the wake of the global pandemic


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