Rules and Requirements

See also Judging Criteria Glossary

Please read these carefully. At the judges' recommendation, there are a number of changes to the rules and additional rules compared with previous years.

  1. While a company may nominate for more than one category, no company may be nominated for multiple awards on substantially the same basis. Entries for multiple awards, which are broadly replicated, will be discarded. (For example, companies should not nominate themselves simultaneously in Breakthrough Solution of the Year and an Industry Leadership Award using the success of a single technological innovation as justification for both).

  2. We reserve the right to move an entry to a different category from the category entered if the entry is better suited to that category.

  3. All nominations must be submitted using the online nominating form.

  4. Nominations may be submitted either directly from a company, from an involved individual, or from a third party. In the event that a third party nominates a company or individual, S&P Global Platts will contact the nominated company or individual and seek their approval; and, if necessary, request any missing documentation. If the company or individual fails to provide the required response by the specified date or does not approve the submission, the entry may be excluded from competition.

  5. The online nominating form requires completion of three sections for each nomination:

    • Summary: The rationale behind the entry is not to exceed 300 words.
    • Company Profile: : Introduce the judges to your company. Include your line(s) of business, geographic area, number of employees, and years in business, etc.
    • Judging Criteria: Each category has a unique set of criteria by which the nomination will be evaluated. Each criterion should have sufficient explanation – outstanding accomplishments, risks involved, significant obstacles which were overcome and any other pertinent information – which does not exceed 300 words. We strongly encourage you to reference the judging criteria glossary which gives clarity to each criterion.
  6. *All dollar amounts and financial statistics stated in the online nomination form MUST be in US dollars.

  7. Each nomination should include the nominated company's logo. For screen quality, we require images of 300 dpi or above, Illustrator or Photoshop RGB EPS files. Nominations for individuals (CEO and Lifetime Achievement Award) should also be accompanied by a high resolution color photograph of the individual nominated. All logos, photos and files can be emailed to

  8. Supporting material is not required; however, should you choose to send additional materials, please send them via email (preferred) to

  9. Winners will NOT be notified prior to the Global Metals Awards event. Winners will be announced live online on June 30.

  10. All information submitted through the online nominating form and all supporting materials will be considered confidential.


If you have any questions, or would like to submit additional documents, please send to or call +44 797 397 4023.

See more information on the: Judging Criteria Glossary