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Platts updates USGC high sulfur fuel oil assessment specs

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Listen: Platts updates USGC high sulfur fuel oil assessment specs

Effective January 3, 2017, the Platts US Gulf Coast fuel oil assessment has been updated to reflect residual fuel oil intended for end-use by the bunker sector to meet maritime fuel demand. Patrick Burns, Americas fuel oil editor, talks with Matt Cook, associate editorial director for Americas crude and fuel oil markets, about the updated and renamed assessment, which was announced in October 2015 and more closely aligns the assessment with specifications in Europe and Asia.

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SUBSCRIBER NOTE: Platts to rename, update USGC 3%S fuel benchmark from Jan 2017

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NOTA A LOS SUSCRIPTORES: Platts estrena nuevo nombre y especificaciones para la referencia del fueloil USGC 3%S a partir de enero de 2017

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