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The American West, a home to US oil and the bird that's driving them cuckoo

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Listen: The American West, a home to US oil and the bird that's driving them cuckoo

The majestic bald eagle may be the emblematic bird of the United States, but the bizarre greater sage grouse is the poster-bird for the relationship between the US oil and gas industry and undeveloped land. Take a trip to the American West and the sagebrush sea with Platts senior editors Brian Scheid and Herman Wang this week, in search of the curious and fascinating bird and answers towhat its future means for energy production.

Last week, the Obama administration made its long-awaited determination that the bird would not be listed as an endangered species, but in doing so, it instituted 98 land management plans that restrict drilling and other commercial activity near prime sage grouse habitat. Brian and Herman talk to Platts editor Brandon Evans, who attended Interior Secretary Sally Jewell's announcement in Denver, to discuss the decision's impact on the industry.

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