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The quest for 10 million b/d of US oil production

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Fuel for Thought: Leftist front-runner presents challenges to Colombia's oil and gas sector in 2022

Listen: The quest for 10 million b/d of US oil production

The US will produce an average 9.25 million b/d this year and the number will continue to grow over the next few years, according to the US Energy Information Administration. When will US oil producers reach 10 million b/d? And what will determine whether — or how — that benchmark is reached?

Senior oil editors Meghan Gordon and Brian Scheid talk with Rusty Braziel, president and CEO of RBN Energy, and Jenna Delaney, a senior energy analyst with Platts Analytics, about the output goal. Did hurricanes Harvey and Irma impact that quest, and what areas will likely contribute to the increased production?

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