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How to preserve the reserve: The US' SPR in the era of a global oil glut

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Listen: How to preserve the reserve: The US' SPR in the era of a global oil glut

On this week’s Capitol Crude, Brian Scheid and Herman Wang take you along on a recent tour of the Strategic Petroleum Reserve. With pipes corroding and tank floors failing, the US Department of Energy says the world’s largest stockpile of crude oil may be nearing the end of its service life and needs a $2 billion makeover.

But with SPR sales looming and a global supply glut continuing, how much should the DOE sell off and how much should it keep? Bob Corbin, the DOE deputy assistant secretary who oversees the SPR, talks about the SPR’s ideal size, upcoming sales and infrastructure troubles facing the stockpile.

To see photos from the SPR tour and read about other aspects of the facility, read Scheid's post on The Barrel blog here.

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