History of Top 250

In collaboration with S&P Global Commodity Insights' sister company, S&P Global Market Intelligence, the S&P Global Commodity Insights Top 250 Global Energy Company Rankingsā„¢ were launched in 2002 to recognize the top financial performers in energy and has grown in prominence every year since.

The Rankings are derived using the following methodology. Each company's numerical ranking is calculated using asset worth, revenues, profits, and Return on Invested Capital (ROIC). The company is then assigned a rank of 1 to the company with the highest total, 2 to the company with the second-highest total for each financial category, and so on. Read our methodology detailing where the numbers come from.

In 2005 regional breakdowns by industry were added to the list to capture the growth of emerging markets and to showcase top performers by region and industry.

Today the Top 250 Rankings is widely used by industry, financiers and government to identify the biggest players in energy, monitor global trends, and to measure their own performance against competitors.