Rules and Requirements

See also Judging Criteria Glossary

Please read Rules 1 through 4 carefully as changes have been made to this year's program.

  1. All nominations must be submitted using the online form. Nominations must be received no later than midnight EDT, on Friday June 3, 2022. Incomplete entries will not be considered. We encourage submissions to include hyperlinks directly within relevant criteria sections.

  2. Multiple entries are encouraged. However, no company may nominate for more than one award on the same basis. Entries in multiple categories that broadly replicate other entries will be discarded.

  3. We reserve the right to move an entry from the category entered to a different category, if we determine the entry is better suited to that category.

  4. In the event that there are too few qualified nominations in a particular category, S&P Global Commodity Insights reserves the right to dismiss or consolidate the category with another and rename the award.

  5. We reserve the right to divide a single category into multiple categories when we receive an overabundance of high-quality entries.

  6. The judges reserve the right to name no winner for individual categories (CEO/Chairperson of the Year, Rising Star – Individual and Lifetime Achievement).

  7. We accept nominations directly from the nominee or from a third party. In the event that a third party nominates a company or individual, the third party must provide contact details of an employee of the nominated company so that S&P Global Commodity Insights may contact the nominee to verify their consent and provide more information, if required. If no employee/contact details are provided, OR if the individual fails to provide the required response by the specified date, the nomination will be excluded from consideration.

  8. Summary: Each nomination MUST be accompanied by a rationale, not to exceed 300 words, that summarizes the entry. We strongly encourage you to tailor each summary to the individual category for which you are nominating. All financial statistics MUST be in U.S. dollars. The Nominating rationale should be submitted electronically through the online form.

  9. Company profile: A Company Profile should be electronically submitted through the online form, which may include total revenue and profit for the award period, size of company and/or recent organization changes. All financial statistics MUST be in U.S. dollars to be considered.

  10. Judging Criteria: Nominations MUST also include additional insight into the nominee's qualifications as it relates to the Judging Criteria. You will be asked to elaborate on your nomination by providing examples of outstanding accomplishments, the risks involved, significant obstacles that were overcome, and any other pertinent information for each of the judging criteria specified in the category descriptions. All financial statistics MUST be in U.S. dollars. The nomination must be electronically submitted online.

  11. Company Logo: Each nomination will require the nominated company's logo. For screen quality, we require images of 300 dpi or above, Illustrator or Photoshop RGB EPS files. These files should be uploaded to the nomination entry. They can also be emailed to, and must be received no later than midnight EDT on Friday, June 3, 2022 at the final close of nominations. If the logo is not received by deadline, we reserve the right to find a suitable image via public domain. Please indicate your company name and nomination category title in the subject line and file name.
    Please send the specific logo you which to use. If multiple versions of your logo are attached please indicate an order of preference so we know which version to use.

  12. Entries for CEO/Chairperson of the Year, Rising Star Individual, and Lifetime Achievement will require a high-resolution color photograph of the individual nominated.
    These files can be emailed to, and must be received no later than Friday, June 3rd at midnight EDT. If a photo is not received by the deadline date, S&P Global Commodity Insights reserves the right to substitute a suitable image via public domain. Please indicate your company name and nomination category in the subject line.

  13. Supporting material, not outlined above, is not required. Should you choose to send additional materials, please ensure they are supportive of the actual nomination.
    Supporting materials may include web links, videos, photographs, and other documents. These materials should be uploaded as links or files to the relevant nomination form directly. We also accept the emailing of support materials to Please indicate your company name and nomination category in the subject line. Most bulk file sharing platforms are blocked by our security systems, so it advised to only use the online nomination form file upload or email.

  14. Winners will NOT be notified prior to the Global Metals Awards event on October 27, 2022.

  15. All information submitted through the Online Nominating Process and all supporting materials will be considered strictly confidential.

  16. S&P Reserves the right to process any information provided by the nominator to verify eligibility or merit.


If you have any questions, or would like to submit additional documents, please send to or call +44 797 397 4023.

See more information on the: Judging Criteria Glossary