Platts Coal Analytics Service

Gain insight into the global coal markets including supply, demand and trade by country, regional balances, and stockpile estimates. Comprehensive coverage of the seaborne and U.S. coal markets provides deep understanding about the largest source of power generation and second-largest source of primary energy in the world.


  • Understand coal market fundamentals, a major influence in gas, power and emissions markets
  • Access a unique lens into global macroeconomic trends through coal demand and usage
  • Uncover the story behind the numbers driving coal prices
  • Gain insights into changing coal production and regional trade trends
  • Know key industry elements for evaluating coal commodity and equity investments


  • Up-to-date appraisal of international thermal coal markets, focusing on the heavily traded markets in the Atlantic and Pacific basins.
  • Analysis and data on a wide range of issues affecting supply, demand, balances, and ultimately, prices of coal in various U.S. regions.
  • Analysis of the interplay of factors affecting the coal markets such as production, emissions markets, weather, transportation, natural gas competition, and the economy.
  • Regional coal production and net exports (by region)
  • U.S. coal production and net exports
  • Regional coal demand for electric power and other sectors
  • Power sector coal inventory levels and prices
  • Stocks by rank (bituminous, sub-bituminous and lignite)
  • Coal price forecasts for CAPP Barge and Rail products, the Illinois Basin, NAPP and the Southern Powder River Basin
  • U.S. physical prices and OTC prices