Platts cFlow

Connecting the dots you can see – and the dots you can’t.

Gaining a transparent, deeper, richer understanding of today’s waterborne commodity flows requires more than simply connecting the dots on a map. To complete the picture, you need to combine real-time vessel location information with many other sources of global fundamental and transactional data to give you the quality insight needed to reveal hidden opportunities and trends in the market which would otherwise go unobserved.

Platts cFlow is a trade flow analytics software. It helps you join up your trading ideas with current, granular vessel location and cargo information to monitor global volumetric trade flow activity to yield actionable, real-time trading and operational intelligence. With cFlow you can conveniently visualize, monitor, extract and analyze trade flow data to identify potential market shifts that may impact the supply chain and gain a competitive edge.

Turning data into actionable intelligence

We believe insights are heavily dependent on the quality of data. We search extensively and secure the best datasets for deriving actionable insight at your fingertips. Our data sourced include but are not limited to Satellites AIS, Terrestrial AIS, Surveyor Data, Official Customs, Shipbrokers, Market Intelligence, Public Resources and many other datasets. Those datasets are carefully cleaned and curated by our analysts and intelligent system to give you insights on both historical and forward-looking vessel and cargo movements.

See everything. Know more. Act quicker.

  • — Make informed decisions by comparing past, current and future vessel and cargo flows to identify trends vs anomalies
  • — Spot opportunities from supply and demand imbalances resulting from volumetric changes of vessels and cargo movements
  • — Add a real-time pulse to your trading models and strategies with current vessel position and cargo data. Export data for proprietary analysis and integration into models
  • — Track competitor activity monitoring fleets using state-of-the-art data visualization tools
  • — Plan and implement new strategies faster by being able to monitor ships once the cargo is onboard; stay informed of changes with email notifications of vessel diversions and delays as well as location arrival/ departure alerts and congestion reports
  • — Negotiate from a position of strength when chartering vessels
  • — Know what ships are available near a port
  • — Collaborate and share ideas securely within your organization by adding proprietary notes by vessel or location

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