Market Intelligence Network (MINT)

MINT is a comprehensive vessel tracking solution designed specifically for commodity traders, vessel operations and logistics teams. It provides real-time tracking of commodity-carrying maritime vessels worldwide. With its in-depth visibility into vessel and fleet data along with its user-friendly interface, this tool allows you to optimise route planning, enhance cargo management and streamline operational efficiency. All this also makes it the ideal bunker fuel sales intelligence tool that can support potential market entry planning and market share analysis.

Key Features

• Specifically designed Bunker Fuel seller modules, that allow you to quickly identify and prioritise top prospects and gain insights into bunker fuel delivery activities by location.
• Coverage:
o Tracks all IMO number-bearing vessels – and many tugs & other non-IMO-bearing ships.
o Detailed port, terminal, and berth maps.
• Easy-to-access downloadable Excel reports:
    1. o Inbound vessels, arrivals & departures
    2. o Bunker fuel callings & operations
    3. o Ship-to-ship transfers
    4. o Fleet & vessel activity trends
• Customizable features:
o Email alerts
o Private vessel lists.
o Zones/polygons


• Identify potential leads more efficiently as you can search for prospects that match your target criteria.
• Increase productivity by reducing the time spent doing administrative tasks and instead focus on building relationships and closing deals.
• Have the option of increased scalability with a larger pool of leads globally.
• Confidently manage your supply chain, by monitoring vessels and physical deliveries all helping to protect your professional reputation and minimise risk.

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