Commodities at Sea

Commodities at Sea (CAS) is a high-frequency market intelligence service that provides visibility into commodity supply, trade activities, trade relationships, and fleet analytics. CAS reports the cargo volumes and voyage details for waterborne globally traded commodities that are moved on larger tankers or bulkers. It also provides detailed analytics on trade flow trends and fleet metrics.


  • • Near real-time trade flow intelligence for all commodities that move on tankers or bulkers including Crude Oil (+500 unique grades), Refined Products, LNG, LPG, NGLs, Biofuels, Chemicals, Coal, Iron Ore, Food/Feed, Forest Products, Fertilisers, Ferrous + Non-Ferrous Metals, Minerals, and other raw materials.
    • Trade flows differentiated by commodity type and grade, even whilst in transit.
    • Well-structured data tables and interfaces with trade tracked at the facility, geographic, industry sector or company levels of detail – both in the present and historically.
    • Live vessel tracking – ballast and laden voyages.
    • Analytics on congestion, fleet employment, wait times, route choice and more.
    • Enhanced destination prediction for laden and ballast voyages.
    • Conservative, expert-driven methodology and careful sourcing to offer the most reliable and comprehensive dataset on ship identities (vessel IMO numbers), characteristics, owners and load and discharge locations.
    • Regularly published market research notes written by our dedicated team of experienced market analysts, who were drawn from the industry.
    • Versatile delivery – Web-based analytics dashboards, APIs, Excel Extracts, Vessel Tracking Interfaces, Research Notes, Calls/Webinars.


• Enhances commodity, freight and financial trade decision-making by helping you to potentially better:
o Spot market signals for price and availability changes based on shifting supply movements.
o Identify potential trading opportunities.
o Identify emerging trends and confirm market shifts, anchoring your short-term outlooks and trading strategies in facts.
o Prepare regular supply and inventory reports.
o Confirm or challenge your understanding of and assumptions about the market.
o See the cargoes and companies associated with specific shipments.
o Observe or anticipate bottlenecks and delays, enabling you to potentially better resolve issues, choose more cost-effective trades or routes and ensure goods are delivered as contracted.
• Gain more control and transparency, as you can monitor voyages ensuring shipments are proceeding according to contracted terms.
• See intelligence on market participants’ activities and relationships, to gain a competitive advantage.
• Complements and extends your existing analysis while saving you time and effort on data sourcing, cleansing, integration, analysis, and visualization thanks to our well-prepared, well-structured, and quality-controlled datasets.
• Access to our analysts and market specialists that can provide additional context and interpretation of data helping you make sense of the information and extract relevant actionable insights.

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