Platts Global Alert - Oil

Platts Global Alert (PGA) is the complete real-time information service that provides you with reports of deals done, latest news and market analysis, price indicators for crude oil and refined products and more than 200 end-of-day price assessments.


  • — Get all the latest S&P Global Platts oil news and analysis in one place
  • — Make key investment decisions quickly and more profitably, with a real-time snapshot of what and who is moving global oil markets on any given day and analytical coverage on what lies behind market moving events
  • — Take advantage of a comprehensive set of information on the global and regional oil markets, from up-to-the-minute information on real-time deals, breaking news, and market analysis to the latest global price assessments and timely and relevant insight
  • — Obtain a full and detailed picture of the very latest in news, pricing, and analysis of the refined products market
  • — Get breaking news, price discovery and market commentary in real-time for the spot and forward markets
  • — Benefit from additional sector specific real-time information services to increase your coverage of the marketplace; Bunker Add-On, Feedstocks Add-On, Clean and Dirty Tanker Add-On, LPG Add-On, Forward Curve – Oil Add-On


Daily global oil industry news and analysis on areas, such as:

  • — Hydrocarbon discoveries and dusters in the upstream
  • — Planned and unplanned outages at refineries, pipelines and terminals
  • — Strategies and actions of global and regional companies
  • — Policy and regulation in both oil producing and consuming nations
  • — Focused editorial coverage delivering information on a need to know basis, helping you filter out background noise
  • — Real-time reporting of deals done and talking levels
  • — Price indicator tables for crude and products updated throughout the day
  • — End-of-day assessments covering more than 200 prices providing transparency for every petroleum market in the world
  • — Regular intra-day updates on market developments plus end of day comments
  • — Key fundamental statistics from the IEA, API, OPEC and others
  • — Incisive analysis from industry experts in constant touch with the marketplace
  • — A comprehensive weather service including heating degree days, severe weather and temperature tables