Platts European Marketscan

Join the major players in the oil market who benefit from a comprehensive daily view of the European refined oil product markets using Platts European Marketscan. Its independent coverage gives you the insight you need on the driving forces and international product prices impacting Europe's and the world's oil product markets.


  • — Be sure you're getting the best deal by using its daily, independent spot price assessments within your contracts as a benchmark or reference point
  • — Evolve your strategy using our price assessments. Adapt to changes in supply and demand and spot global arbitrage opportunities for key refined products
  • — Reveal new opportunities by monitoring competition and identify the real buyers by referencing transactions
  • — Create a customized reference of key areas and issues of interest through accessing past issue


  • — Benchmark price assessments for key refined oil products in:
    • — Northwest European and Mediterranean cargo markets
    • — Amsterdam-Rotterdam-Antwerp barge market
  • — ARA and ARA-Germany/Switzerland voyages barge freight rates
  • — Daily Singapore, Persian Gulf and Japanese product prices, along with the previous day's US spot prices
  • — Daily trading activity reports for Europe's major refined products
  • — Market commentary by product, including deals reported
  • — Crude market commentary
  • — Asian spot product assessments and previous day's US spot product assessments
  • — Rhine river clean barge freight rates
  • — Nymex and ICE futures exchange data and foreign exchange rates
  • — Full rationale behind each benchmark Platts assessment
  • — Complete alignment with IOSCO principles on benchmark price reporting

Key Assessments

Location Market Assessment
Mediterranean Middle Distillates 10 ppm ULSD CIF
Mediterranean Middle Distillates Gasoil 0.1% CIF
Mediterranean Fuel Oil Fuel oil 3.5% CIF
NorthWest Europe Light Ends Gasoline 10ppm
NorthWest Europe Light Ends Naphtha
NorthWest Europe Light Ends ULSD 10ppm CIF
NorthWest Europe Light Ends Eurobob
NorthWest Europe Middle Distillates Jet
NorthWest Europe Middle Distillates Diesel 10ppm
NorthWest Europe Middle Distillates Gasoil 0.1%
NorthWest Europe Fuel Oil Fuel oil 3.5%
NorthWest Europe Fuel Oil Fuel oil 1%
NorthWest Europe Ethanol Fuel grade ethanol T1
NorthWest Europe MTBE MTBE

Delivery options

European Marketscan is delivered online and via email.

Market Data – Oil

The price data listed in European Marketscan are also available in data-point format for easy import and analysis. This is the most efficient, most reliable way to receive our industry-standard benchmark assessments.

Market Data – Oil also provides you with end-of-day assessments, third-party data, and a rolling 45-day historical database for key assessments. For further information, please contact Platts Sales.

Archive Access

Gain access to past articles from every issue we have on file for European Marketscan. This valuable resource will allow you to search for and analyze useful information and create your own customized reference on issues that interest you. You'll always find what you're looking for, because our archives are easily searchable—just enter keywords, company names, a date range, or an industry, and specify which publications you wish to search.

Multiple-user subscriptions

Many clients purchase multiple subscriptions to ensure their entire staff has access. We'll work with you to ensure our distribution methods meet your specific needs. For details, contact our sales team.