Crude Carbon Intensity


Oil and gas are projected to be part of the ongoing energy mix for years to come, however, ensuring a low carbon footprint of the upstream operations that underpins this ongoing development is critical.

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S&P Global Commodity Insights provides a suite of carbon intensity (CI) assessments that calculates the carbon emissions throughout the upstream and midstream sectors. We provide the CI and CI premium for crude fields worldwide as well as key global crude grades. In addition, we also have assessments for the mid-stream carbon intensity of crude transport from storage to refinery gates.

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What are the advantages of Platts Crude Carbon Intensity?

✔ Provides market visibility and insight into the carbon footprint across the oil supply chain

✔ Gain a better understanding of the costs associated with the carbon emissions generated through oil production

✔ Make informed planning and trading decisions with confidence

✔ Understand your current position in the markets, as well as where the market is headed

✔ Communicate a carbon offset strategy to key stakeholders

✔ Assess risk, evaluate opportunities and make informed investment decisions

✔ Stay informed as the market evolves