Platts Oil and Gas Production Monitors

Featuring data from Platts Data Warehouse, Platts Oil and Gas Production Monitors give you clear visibility of the upstream oil and natural gas markets, allowing you to stay on top of drilling activity by basin throughout the U.S. and Canada.


    • Understand key issues impacting crude oil and natural gas production in North America

    • Act with confidence knowing that you're working with the most relevant and important information for each producing basin

    • Get peace of mind with access to the analysts that prepare the information

    • — Digest data in the format you prefer with multiple delivery options to facilitate your own internal analysis


    • Five-year oil and gas production forecasts by basin in each region, with charts and graphs showing monthly and annual production averages by historical, future and total projected production volumes

    • Historical supply and demand balance within each PADD and crude-related infrastructure, including refineries and pipelines

    • Oil and gas productivity per rig analysis provides a measure of rig productivity by estimating incremental oil and gas produced from one rig in one year, for both horizontal and vertical rigs, based on initial production rates, drill times and first year declines

    • Combined production data file containing oil and gas (gross and dry) projections, including production estimates for all of the plays

    • Horizontal drilling dynamics analysis spotlights the efficiency of rigs by measuring the number of wells drilled per rig, per month in each play or basin throughout time

    • A dedicated section for internal rates of return (IRRs) examining the changing well economics in each basin, providing granular analysis of the expected returns, and highlighting commodity price assumptions for oil, gas, and NGLs, by play

    • Coverage of all leading oil and gas plays in North America, including: production estimates by basin, rig activity, drilling trends and efficiencies, rig maps with operators and written analysis covering production updates, producer sentiment and relevant news and analysis