Platts Greenhouse Gas Emissions Service

S&P Global Platts Analytics examines the forces that affect the global, national and regional markets for greenhouse gas emissions. We provide comprehensive analysis of policies, regulations and supply-demand fundamentals of traded markets for GHG emissions assessing allowance/credit prices, energy markets and assets.


  • Understand how policies to reduce energy sector environmental impacts and emissions drive changes that affect your bottom line
  • — Develop a view of how market-based environmental policy mechanisms and the value they put on clean energy affect operating and investment decisions
  • — Identify the complex set of economic, regulatory and legal risks that accompany new regulatory actions
  • — Uncover the story behind the numbers and get insights into the commercial drivers along the value chain
  • — Know the industry backdrop for evaluating commodity and equity investments
  • — Get unlimited access to S&P Global Platts analysts that write these reports, giving you peace of mind that any questions you have will be answered quickly by a relevant analyst


  • — Analysis of and forecasts for regional emissions policies and trading systems (EU ETS, WCI/California, RGGI, state-level programs, LCFS)
  • — Assessments of emerging global, regional and national carbon policy efforts and markets, including global policies around aviation and shipping
  • — Detailed analytics around the penetration of key transformational technologies in the energy sector – with a special focus on electric vehicles and energy storage
  • — Forecasts of emissions market prices and balances
  • — EU ETS market emissions, auction volumes data
  • — Western Climate Initiative and RGGI market emissions data, auction bidders, and summary statistics
  • — RGGI Coal and Nuclear Unit outlook
  • — CO2 historical emissions data and projections through 2040 by country
  • — Historical and outlook data on EV and stationary storage uptake