S&P Global Commodity Insights Natural Gas Services

Bringing the North American and European gas markets into perspective

Whether your focus is the North American or European gas markets, we provide the critical market data, price assessments, industry news and analysis to meet your business needs. Operating across the energy value chain, integrating upstream knowledge into our downstream price assessments and insights, so you have an unbiased perspective whether your markets are up or down.

Natural Gas Insight & Analytics Solutions

Natural gas insights and analytics solutions from formerly IHS Markit now S&P Global Commodity Insights give you the full scope of natural gas from global to regional perspectives.

North America Regional Integrated Service

North America integrated view of power, gas, LNG, and renewables from formerly IHS Markit now S&P Global Commodity Insights

Platts Gas Daily

Crucial competitive intelligence across the entire gas market place. With news, market insights, and price analysis you'll gain a greater understanding pricing trends and develop new business opportunities.

Gas Daily Mexico

Whether you're a risk manager, research analyst, trader or broker Gas Daily Mexico brings you crucial competitive intelligence across the entire gas marketplace.

Platts Gas Daily Preliminary Price Report

Access preliminary market activity data for S&P Global Platts and ICE trading locations in North America. Find out the index price, daily change, high price, low price, common range, volume, and deal count for each location with trading activity.

Platts Market Data – Natural Gas

Platts Market Data – Natural Gas delivers the numbers you need to gauge your markets, your competition, and your future potential. Be confident in your position with instant access to the latest global price assessments, historical data, and analysis of the fundamentals impacting price.

Platts Inside FERC

Every Monday Platts Inside FERC delivers insight into the gas pipeline regulation, legislative, infrastructure and operational issues and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission's role in reshaping the electric utility industry.

Platts Inside FERC Gas Market Report

Published twice a month on Fridays, Inside FERC Gas Market Report delivers natural gas industry news, as well as vital first-of-the-month gas prices for more than 40 pipeline locations and a number of key market centers.

Platts Inside FERC Bidweek Watch

Daily and week-to-date average prices, total volumes and rolling historical data for three previous bid weeks for S&P Global Platts and ICE trading locations in North America.

Platts Canadian Regional Natural Gas Package

Get a complete picture of the Canadian natural gas market, including detailed fundamental data.

Platts Map Data Viewer North America

Map Data Viewer includes extensive spatial information and operational data gathered by our researchers from a variety of public and proprietary sources.

Map Data Pro

Designed specifically for GIS professionals, Platts Map Data Pro offers the same spatial data sets used by S&P Global Platts own energy analysts and publications.

Platts Oil and Gas Production Monitors

With access to pipeline flows, infrastructure, producer behavior, production projections, rig counts and activity, you will have an extensive view of North American oil and gas production.

Platts Natural Gas Alert

Platts Natural Gas Alert is an online platform providing real-time news, bids, offers and trades as well as end-of-day prices for today's natural gas markets. Seize opportunities before your competition and effectively manage risk with real-time natural gas intelligence.

Platts M2MS-Gas

Platts M2MS -Gas equips you with market-based forward curves and supporting analytical data for 96 trading hubs in North America.

Platts Upstream Indicator

Platts Upstream Indicator is a new, free report that leverages S&P Global Platts comprehensive upstream oil and gas coverage to give you a better understanding of this highly competitive market space.

Platts Data Warehouse

Platts Data Warehouse basic package allows you to see where almost all natural gas is coming from and flowing to on a near-real-time basis.

Platts Custom GIS Data

Save time sorting through a variety of data and get what you need when you need it with Platts Custom GIS Data. Now you can tap into our extensive and accurate data repository and analyze the data points unique to your project or business.

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