Platts LNG Navigator

Understanding context is crucial to effective trading. Your ability to identify opportunities and limit risk directly impacts your bottom line. Platts LNG Navigator combines local and global market analysis with news, fully customizable data and a range of analytical tools. It's a flexible web-based resource which gives you choice in your decision-making.


  • — Understand increased market liquidity and quickly adapt to shifting contract terms, with supply and demand trends, price curves and spreads
  • — Develop inherently strong pricing, procurement or trading strategy by referencing daily and historical spot and contract price assessments (including Platts JKM™), and unique market 'heards'
  • — Predict what move to make next and stay ahead of your competition, with outage impact assessments, contracts and projects data, and five-year forecasts by country
  • — Keep track of LNG vessels, volumes, destinations, and ETAs with our live interactive map, and stay on top of shipping rates, netbacks, and charter and tender activity by company
  • — Use our contract and projects database to identify companies' contractual position, as well as the potential for new supply and demand sources as projects come on-stream
  • — Save time by following one source, and effortlessly process and integrate data directly into your systems for a secure and predictable experience


  • — Project, contract and tenders data
  • — LNG outages and expected impact on the market
  • — Live imports/exports and re-exports, along with volume at sea
  • — Global LNG balance based on ship tracking of production and deliveries
  • — LNG supply and demand actual and forecast data, by country for the next five years
  • — Daily and weekly observations
  • — LNG news headlines
  • — Platts historical LNG prices updated daily, including Platts JKM™ spreads and competitive fuel prices
  • — Unique market 'heards'
  • — LNG shipping rates, netbacks, and freight route costs