Platts LNG Daily

Understanding context is crucial to effective trading and your ability to identify opportunities and limit risk directly impacts your bottom line. With Platts LNG Daily you're equipped with a daily summary of pricing data, market-moving news, and the latest analysis of supply and demand fundamentals. Don't be left behind in the fast-evolving global LNG market – make sure you're equipped to trade with confidence.


  • — Stay ahead of your competition: understand and react to market fundamentals, and ensure your strategies take account of global price-moving news, with daily coverage of regional markets in Asia, Africa, Europe, the Middle East and the Americas
  • — Develop an inherently strong trading strategy by referencing 10 daily market assessments, including Platts JKM™, and stay on top with daily intelligence on shipping rates, netbacks, and competing fuel prices
  • — Look ahead with confidence: predict what move to make next with reports, news and analysis on pricing, trade flows, tenders (including our tender tracker), new receipt terminals, supply and liquefaction projects, project financing, shipping tenders and charters, regulatory change, and more
  • — Mitigate risk: understand and monitor risk in an increasingly dynamic pricing environment, and develop mitigation strategies based on market fundamentals, news and analysis
  • — Focus on South America: identify new opportunities in emerging markets with a weekly South American LNG supplement which includes the DES Brazil Net Forward price, reported South Atlantic bids, offers and trades, global differentials, freight costs, and capacity utilization, weather and reservoir data


  • — Benchmark prices for physical and derivative markets, including:
    • — Platts JKM™, our price benchmark which is increasingly used for both spot trades in and outside Asia, and term LNG contracts and tenders worldwide
    • — Platts FOB US Gulf Coast Marker
    • — Platts DES Middle East Marker
    • — Platts DES West India
  • — Tracker of most current bids, offers and trades; recent tender news and tender tracker
  • — Information on new LNG supply projects, and reports on development/construction of new liquefaction projects and plants
  • — Updates on siting/development/construction of new receipt terminals
  • — Information regarding regulatory proceedings, including reports on Congressional, state and local governmental proceedings
  • — Shipping reports, news and analysis, and chartering data
  • — Details of contract pricing terms
  • — Analysis on pricing, trade flows and competing fuels
  • — Details of LNG project financing
  • — Details and data on existing and proposed regasification and liquefaction terminals globally