Energy Transition Risk Market Data


Energy transition invites long-term, profound changes to the way societies produce and consume energy. As decisions made today shape the world of tomorrow, key players within the energy transition require forward-looking data to support enhanced planning and achieve long term climate goals.

S&P Global Commodity Insights' Energy Transition Forward Curves are designed to bring you the transparency needed to inform sound business decisions and better manage price risk exposure on the journey to lower-carbon. Independently produced, these market-based curves supplement our existing spot markets assessments to provide a more comprehensive view of global energy transition markets.


S&P Global Commodity Insights' Energy Transition Forward Curves include daily settlement prices for the CME CBL GEO, CBL N-GEO and CBL C-GEO physically-delivered futures contracts. These settlements are published at the 2:30pm New York close for 48 forward months.

We assess settlement prices using bids, offers and transaction data directly from the Xpansiv CBL marketplace and the NYMEX exchange.


  • — Optimize strategic assets and make better informed infrastructure investment decisions
  • — Model prices, forecast trends, and better evaluate physical and financial assets
  • — Calculate key risk metrics and P&L for your portfolios with confidence
  • — Design hedges that preserve the value of your portfolios and improve company profitability
  • — Report the fair value of financial instruments
  • — Validate internally-derived curves
  • — Immediacy: Receive data to your desktop as soon as it is published, enabling you to integrate it straight into your proprietary models and systems
  • — Greater clarity: See the latest historical and reference data on one screen, making it easier for bespoke charting and reporting
  • — Time savings: With no need to manually input data, you can quickly assess a trader's risk position and intent alongside historical trends for more effective trader surveillance

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